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Our Process

If you decide to refer yourself or your child for services, here is our process from intake to therapy. 



During the initial consultation, you will speak directly to Abbey Gray to get your questions answered and determine the appropriate next step. You can contact us directly to schedule an evaluation and begin services without a physician's referral as we do not bill insurance directly. If you plan to submit for out-of-network reimbursement, you may need a physician's referral. 



For therapy services, we typically begin with an evaluation to best understand your child's skills, preferences, and challenges. Following the evaluation, we will determine if we recommend therapy, a watch-and-see approach, or if your child is functioning at an appropriate developmental level. When therapy is recommended, we will develop a treatment plan and goals in collaboration with the family.



Once therapy begins, we will take regular data to monitor progress. Progress will be discussed with parents/caregivers at the end of each session and goals will be adjusted when needed. Home practice programs will be provided to families to ensure ongoing practice and carryover of skills. Together we will develop the skills for successful lifelong feeding.

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