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Feeding & Swallowing

Evaluations & Therapy

At Gray Eat, Speak, Play, we specialize in providing therapy for feeding and swallowing disorders. Whether we are working to overcome picky eating, addressing sensory integration, or supporting a child who is weaning from tube feeding, our therapy is personalized to meet each child and family right where they are. We are dedicated to improving quality of life by helping your child become a more effective and independent eater. Read below to learn about concerns related to a feeding and/or swallowing disorder (dysphagia).

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Do you have concerns about your child eating a good variety of foods from all different food groups or avoiding entire food groups?

Concerns Related to Feeding & Swallowing


During the evaluation, we will gather information about your child's medical history, their current food preferences and aversions, feeding and swallowing skills, and sensory profile. We will use a combination of preferred foods as well as trial different foods to assess acceptance, tolerance, and aversion. Following the evaluation, we will discuss the results and make recommendations. Parents will also receive a report describing performance on assessments, observations, and the recommended treatment plan. 

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Using a whole-child approach to feeding and swallowing, we work to facilitate the acquisition of safe and age-appropriate feeding skills.


Therapy focuses on skills such as increasing oral feeding to wean from a G-tube or NG-tube, improving sensory tolerance, developing chewing skills, increasing the variety and volume of nutritional intake, reducing avoidance behaviors during mealtimes, etc. 


We deliver therapy and family coaching to achieve lasting results through safe and enjoyable feeding. 

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