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Eat, Speak, Play

Compassionate, holistic, and effective pediatric therapy

for feeding, speech, language, and social communication.

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Meet Abbey Gray

Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist,
Certified Lactation Counselor

I became a speech-language pathologist to help give a voice to those who struggle to communicate and support children who struggle with feeding. I began my career as a preschool teacher for children with autism, many of whom spoke with no or very few words and who also faced challenges with eating. I was so inspired by the amazing speech therapists who worked with these children that I decided to go back to school to become a speech-language pathologist. In graduate school, my love for speech and feeding therapy blossomed. I have a passion for helping children and families enjoy mealtimes with less stress and more success and helping children become effective communicators.


At Gray Eat, Speak, Play, it is our goal to empower children and parents through fun and meaningful therapy. Working alongside parents and caregivers, we integrate each child's interests with evidence-based therapy approaches to help children become more effective and independent eaters and communicators. 

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