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Eat, Speak, Play

Compassionate and holistic support for women and children through effective lactation counseling, speech-language therapy, and feeding therapy.

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Meet Abbey Gray

Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist,
Certified Lactation Counselor

As a speech-language pathologist and certified lactation counselor, my mission is to provide truly personalized care to the parents and children I serve. Through evidence-based services, I aim to help give a voice to those who struggle to communicate and support children who struggle with feeding. And as a mother who struggled with breastfeeding and an experienced feeding therapist, I am able to provide parents compassionate support for breastfeeding and pumping. 


At Gray Eat, Speak, Play, families can find the trusted support they need to experience communication and feeding success. 


At Gray Eat, Speak, Play, our goal is to empower children and parents through fun and meaningful therapy and lactation counseling. Working alongside parents and caregivers, we integrate each client's goals with evidence-based therapy approaches to help our clients achieve lasting success.

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