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Prenatal Breastfeeding Support

Class & Education

Group Class

Evaluations allow us, as a team, to understand a child's strengths, abilities, and challenges. Speech and language evaluations consist of a parent/caregiver interview to gather background information, using formal and informal measures, observations, and client-therapist interactions. Following the evaluation, we will discuss the results and make recommendations. Parents will also receive a report describing performance on assessments, observations, and the recommended treatment plan. 

Evaluations are offered via teletherapy and in-person, depending on safety, your child's needs, and your location.

Individualized Education

Speech and language therapy is a combination of evidence-based approaches, fun and engaging activities, and "real-life" experiences, to promote generalization and improve quality of life. Each child's unique interests, goals, and needs will guide our therapy sessions. Parents and families are encouraged to be active participants in the therapy process. Home exercises will ensure the child continues to make progress between sessions and that skills carry over to everyday life. We are passionate about helping others in a way that is fun and meaningful.

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